The Reflection Of My Writing

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Hear me. So often in life, mundane things drown out the sound of my words. I sometimes feel as though my words are placed on a page and read for a grade, but I am never heard. I have been removed from my own writing and it is now something separate sharing no reflection of myself. I almost see it being critiqued. Her grammar is bad. She misused this word. She’s average, but not upper average. There is so much more to me that goes unexpressed; that sometimes I wish the other person could see.
I remember being in the second grade. I had homework every night, and on Tuesdays I had to handwrite three sentences. I always came up with something short, just enough to be marked complete. Now it feels the same. 750 words. Write about a given topic; and be sure to cover these given points. I have grown considerably over the years, as age and school will do to someone. My writing has become more elaborate. I now have a lot more content and “meat” if you will, in my sentences. I tend to have better grammar, longer sentences, complete thoughts, and spell-checker now-a-days, but I still have no voice that says “I’m in here.”
I sound like myself when I no
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I write in a fairly nice font, but with occasional punctuation errors, and scribbled out words (Refer to appendix E for visual examples). When I’m writing a letter to my brother, he does not mind if I have a run-on sentence, and he probably expects it. Letters I write to him tend to have more emotion than I include in my daily or more formal writing. I write to him about things that are important to me on a personal level. My tone changes because he is my brother and I love him. While I enjoy giving him something I’ve written by hand, when it comes to school papers, beautiful handwriting is simply not worth the effort. It is faster and easier to correct grammar and punctuation when typing in a worry-free

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