Argumentative: Why I Need To Stop Procrastination

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I procrastinate so often that I have become quite ashamed of it. Procrastination has been a struggle of mine to overcome. The day I realize I needed to stop procrastinating on my school work was during my sophomore year.
Sophomore year my english teacher assigned an argumentative essay. I had two weeks to complete it. I had time during class to find a topic on what I wanted to write about . My teacher gave us a two days to find a topic and examples . A rough draft was soon to be turned in . I stayed up a whole night trying to figure out how I’m gonna write an essay on children beauty pageants. I turned in my rough draft and my teacher was so shocked on the topic I picked. He told me “ I’m excited to read your final draft this something I never thought someone would write .” That brought so much pressure to me I had no clue what I was writing about. During the time I was supposed to be writing my final draft I was busy watching Netflix and wasting time. I had work from other class to do so I kept ignoring my essay . During my english class we had time to work on our final draft but instead i was procrastinating. The deadline was coming so much quicker than I thought.
It was a thursday afternoon when I sat down at my desk and looked at my rough draft I hated it. I hated what I wrote I could not turn
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I was planning on getting home and working on it . I did come work on it on Friday night but I forgot about it .It was Sunday night I was regretting all my decisions I was so irritated at myself I promised myself I would not procrastinate on any big assignment. That sunday night I was writing the worst essay I believe could ever exist. I was certain that I was getting a D on the essay it was the worst. I was so fed up that I just wrote without over thinking and the time flew by so fast. I was done with the essay that took me forever to write. I had finished it in the course of two
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