The Pros and Cons of Hunting

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Hunting and Fishing is it good or bad? That's what this paper is going to talk about. There are so many views of why hunting is right. We will also touch on animal testing. The following paper will prove and show why hunting for eating is fine yet at the same time hunting and fishing for trophy's is bad, and how the testing of animals are very wrong.

Hunting is a very soar subjects. Many People disagree with the idea of hunting. They think that it's taking the life of something you don't have control over. Let's go to the Bible and see what the Bible has to say about it. "Then God said, `Behold, I have given you every beast of the earth and to every bird of the sky and to every thing that moves on the earth which has life, I have given every green plant for food'; and it was so".( )By reading these verses from the bible how can any one think that hinting is wrong. Look at what the verse says that God gave us every thing on earth. Have you ever seeing a starving deer? You can see the ribs stick out of it's side. The tongue sticks out of it's mouth. When the heart beats of the deer you can see the whole thing shake as it walks through the woods. You can tell the deer is suffering and is in a lot of pain.. "One paper says that It can be in excess of 50 percent of the deer would suffer, that would mean nearly 100,000 deer".( ) That's just like when someone get's shot in war and you know they aren't going to live, you give him medicine to ease the pain and stop the heart . In other words kill him. These are just animal shouldn't we do the same. It's just another reason why hunting should be right. Hunting makes the food cycle normal so we don't have those starving deer. Plus we have humans need to eat. What is the difference between killing a cow and a deer. Yes, there two different animals but they are both animals. Overall Hunting is fine and there are many facts to prove it. Look at the bible or some pictures of starving deer and I guarantee that your opinion of hunting will change and you'll be in favor of it.

Hunting for trophies is not the same as hunting for food.
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