The Pros and Cons of Globalization

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Nowadays people have become closer than before. Services and goods produced in a country will be available to sell in the other countries. We hear about globalisation in the news every day, read about it in the news papers and hear people talking about it. Globalisation is the interactively international and nearness of economies.

It is the process that has led to the diverse parts of the globe becoming much closer to each other (Slaughter and Swagel, 1997). Globalisation is the procedures by which the people around the world become connected to each other in all aspects of life, culturally, technically and politically, economically and environmentally.

Globalisation assists improving technology that benefits many people in throughout the world. By increased the spread of cultures, trade, information and creating options, Globalization can be highly beneficial to everyone by bestowing great fortunes on us. This essay will highlight the positive and negative effects of globalisation, but also discuss solutions and evaluate them.

Economists have used the term "globalization" since the 1980’s, although it was used in social sciences in the 1960’s. However, the principles and ideas of globalization have not spread to the twentieth century. Globalisation is a process spanning many centuries and are affected by population growth rates and the prosperity of civilization, which has increased dramatically over the past fifty years.

Globalisation began to spread towards the end of the sixteenth century in Portugal and Castile. Portugal attended exhibitions and imported goods in the coast of Africa, in South-East USA and in East and West Asia. There are photos of the first flights that started globalisation. Then, Portugal did m...

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... governments would need to a considerable amount of money and therefore so taxes could be decreased to support the process. If the rich countries and developed countries worked together everybody would benefit.

In conclusion, this assignment has explained the central importance of globalisation in making the world a small village. However, there are many disadvantages and advantages of globalisation. Advancement in technology has helped people around the world.

This is a positive. Moreover, advantages that have helped humankind include international cooperation through system such as the United Nations and other international organisations. However, globalisation has also brought with it negative consequences such as environmental degradation. Another negative point, especially in developed countries is the organized crime especially for third world countries.
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