The Pros And Cons Of Vaccination

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In a day where vaccination is readily available to almost all infants, it would seem nearly impossible to have an outbreak of what health professionals thought was an eradicated disease. However, recently there have been 23 outbreaks throughout the United States, and of this 23, 650 separate cases of measles were diagnosed. The problem our country faces at the moment is parent who choose not to vaccinate their children. Not only is this dangerous to them, but also to the thousands of other children who are either too young or sick to be vaccinated. Rachael Rettner, a writer for Fox News’s Health Column, said “More measles outbreaks are sure to occur in the United States because of people refusing vaccinations” (Rettner). While parents are…show more content…
This paper was the beginning of over a decade of parents who feared that vaccinating children would lead to autism. During this time some parents chose not to vaccinate and this is now affecting our public health. Not all children can be vaccinated. Some children have immune deficiencies, like cancer, which prevent them from getting vaccines. Other children are too young to be vaccinated. Health professionals rely on the vaccinated children to keep the non-vaccinated children safe. However, when we have parents in our society who chose not to vaccinate we are putting innocent people who have weak immune systems or are too young at risk. On January 5th, 2015, California health professionals were alerted to a case of potential measles. The patient was an unvaccinated eleven year old. Days went by and more children who had symptoms were brought to the hospital for treatment. This case of measles originated in one central location, Disneyland located in California (Zipprich). This is alarming because thousands of families visit Disneyland every day and an unvaccinated child can put many lives at…show more content…
Anti-vaccination movements have begun gaining momentum and have a growing amount of supporters. This is bad for society because this will cause an increasing amount of unvaccinated children to be putting communities in danger. According to a commentary entitled, “Public Health, Science, and Policy Debate: Being Right Is Not Enough,” the author notes, mistrust in science, however, has compromised the possibility of deriving sound policy from such debates” (Camargo 232). Without people believing in scientific facts it is nearly impossible to prove anything. And therefore people will try to find other things to believe in, such as anti-vaccination

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