The Pros And Cons Of Students Dropout Of College

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Selecting which college to attend is often one of the most difficult choices to make. In most cases, it depends on where you live, how much money is willing to be invested, and the reputation of the college; perhaps, a parent influenced the decision. Although many factors determine where a student chooses to attend college, the more important issue, however, is that many students dropout of college. According to American College Testing (ACT), one in every four students leaves college before completing their sophomore years. For various reasons, students are dropping out of college. Students dropout of college because they choose the college closest to home. Many students live in the same place throughout their lives. They go to kindergarten,…show more content…
Being the first student from your family to attend college puts you at a disadvantage because you are not sure what to expect. Entering a college campus for the first time can be a different experience than what they are used to. Not to mention many of these students are unsure or change their major. Upon entering college, many students feel pressured to declare a major because it gives them a good educational path to success. However, many students come into college with an undeclared major too. Either way, students are having a difficult time finding schoolwork in a course they are passionate about. As a result, students are choosing not to drop out instead of continuing their education. In conclusion, many factors determine the success a student has at the collegiate level. However, students are dropping out of college because they will likely run into a casual chain of events that give them every reason in the world to dropout. Starting with the wrong choice of college and relying on their families, then, leading to stressful financial situations and lack of support from the school; It can be even worse for first generation students to deal with. Finally, if those factors have not caught up to a student, then the lack of course material that interest a student may be the final
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