Why Students Dropout

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Contributing Factors of Students Dropping Out Within Their Freshman Year A college education is an incredibly important achievement that numerous individuals set out to pursue. When choosing a potential employee for a position within their company, employers world-wide favor those that hold a degree. Those that hold a degree display a standard of excellence. Although, countless individuals set out to pursue a degree, many do not stick with it and end up dropping out within their freshman year. There are many reasons that this may happen. Some of the reasons that an innumerable number of students drop out within their first year of college are due to the high cost of tuition and school related expenses, stress, and the lack of self-discipline.…show more content…
For instance, for some students, the transition from high school to college can be extremely challenging. Starting a new school that is bigger with innumerable, unfamiliar faces can be quite intimidating for some. Also, the high work load and fast paced environment can be an unexpected challenge that makes it almost impossible for new students to stay on top of their assignments. In addition, numerous students desire to experience the fun and exhilarating side of college life, like going to parties and social events, but prioritizing their social life over their school assignments can cost them dearly. Furthermore, when having a good time becomes a priority over school work, it shows in their grades. Over time, this can cause a significant amount of stress that contributes to the student dropping…show more content…
Countless students are not mentally prepared for the responsibility that comes with obtaining a college education. For example, college instructors usually assign homework and projects that take up much more of the student’s time than the assignments that were given in high school. In addition, if a student lacks the skills to make a schedule and to allow ample time for studying and completing assignments, then his or her grades will suffer, causing the student to fail or drop the class. Also, numerous students move away from home during their first year of college, whether it’s to live on campus or off campus, and without the consistent reminders that they used to get from their parents, many students may not make a point to remember important deadlines, due dates, and may miss school or become tardy. After repeated absences, late work, and incomplete assignments, a student may realize that college is not ideal for them and end up dropping
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