The Pros And Cons Of Relativism

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Is there really a right from wrong? According to the rules of relativism, no one in specific can be absolutely correct about what is good or bad, but instead everyone is correct. Relativism views that it's all up to the individual or culture; that is the customs, arts, and/or social norms of a particular nation or social group. The reason why everyone is correct, as relativism mentions, is because there may be certain things a culture finds appropriate, but another may not. Some may say that there is a right from wrong, or that there is a certain fundamental moral principles that everyone has and obliges by, but in the end, everyone has different opinions about what is true or right and what is not.
The reason why relativism states that everyone is correct is partly in terms of cultural relativism. The theory states that people act or perceive certain things due to their cultures. There are certain things that are impossible to try to understand without knowing the cultures customs. For example, the Greeks
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We see how cultural relativism affects laws as well because of what particular individuals or society wants to be enforced. All human laws involve some moral principle with the consequences if it be broken. Laws are enforced because of a moral conviction that risking other people’s lives is wrong. Applying the theory, relativism makes the laws just as opinions to which the only reason why they are followed is because of the consequences; which we see that it is sometimes ignored. Although the laws encourage people to not do such things without the result of being given a set of fines or jail time, it does not stop certain people. People who do not seem to think stealing is wrong may well still steal and later comes down to whether or not they will get caught. Moreover, ethical relativism focuses on what a specific culture sees to be right or
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