What is Culture Relativism: Views by James Rachels

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Culture Relativism; what is it? Culture Relativism states that we cannot absolute say what is right and what is wrong because it all depends in the society we live in. James Rachels however, does not believe that we cannot absolute know that there is no right and wrong for the mere reason that cultures are different. Rachels as well believes that “certain basic values are common to all cultures.” I agree with Rachels in that culture relativism cannot assure us that there is no knowledge of what is right or wrong. I believe that different cultures must know what is right and what is wrong to do. Cultures are said to be different but if we look at them closely we can actually find that they are not so much different from one’s own culture. Religion for example is a right given to us and that many cultures around the world practices. Of course there are different types of religion but they all are worshipped and practice among the different culture.
Rachels says that “different cultures have different moral codes” and I believe that is true what might be okay in one culture could be absolutely immoral in another. His reference to what Daruis notice between the Greeks and the Callatians can show us that each culture has their own method of dealing with a situation. As well as the Eskimos who had multiple wife and use the method of infanticide. This being unheard of, immoral to the people of America but since the time of Herodotus they have notice “the idea that conceptions of right and wrong differ from culture to culture.” I think this concept is right however, I haven’t actually seen a culture as different as my, I have seen some small differences and I know some culture have big differences to mine but I haven’t encounter them. I...

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.... From it we learn not to lose sight of the facts and some of the things we do most of the time come because of our society, “they are only culture products.” It also teaches us to keep an open mind, not everything that unknown to us we most immediately reject it. We should see things through an open mind and not let our feelings and what we have been taught by our culture get in the way of finding the truth. Religion is different in many cultures but we should be open to what others religion is, it might be different but if we don’t take a minute to actually try to understand their way than we are making a mistake. We have to have an open mind because without an open mind we will not see beyond what we already know or think we know. I like one of Rachels sentence and its true what he says, “Then we may be more open to discovering the truth, whatever that might be.”

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