Cultural Molectivism: The Moral Theory Of Cultural Relativism

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Cultural Relativism is a moral theory which states that due to the vastly differing cultural norms held by people across the globe, morality cannot be judged objectively, and must instead be judged subjectively through the lense of an individuals own cultural norms. Because it is obvious that there are many different beliefs that are held by people around the world, cultural relativism can easily be seen as answer to the question of how to accurately and fairly judge the cultural morality of others, by not doing so at all. However Cultural Relativism is a lazy way to avoid the difficult task of evaluating one’s own values and weighing them against the values of other cultures. Many Cultural Relativist might abstain from making moral judgments about other cultures based on an assumed lack of understanding of other cultures, but I would argue that they do no favors to the cultures of others by assuming them to be so firmly ‘other’ that they would be unable to comprehend their moral decisions. Cultural Relativism as a moral theory fails to allow for critical thoughts on the nature of morality and encourages the stagnation…show more content…
It almost appears that the cultural relativist denies a person’s ability to empathize with others, on top of ignoring the fact that people have been migrating and assimilating within different cultures since people existed. People seem to posses a great ability to understand one another. It seems odd to assume that what people have been doing for centuries would suddenly be lost to them. As I stated earlier, people largely have the same values, the differences appear in the expression of these values. I believe that these similar values allow people to understand other cultures even without being from within
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