The Pros And Cons Of Pornography

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The discussion of pornography and whether is should be legalized or banned in the United States has been a hotly debated for many years. There are those citizens who believe they are entitled to certain freedoms as citizens of the United States. These rights would include the right to choose to participate in the pornography industry. They believe those who produce, distribute, and the purchase pornography should be protected under the rights secured by the Constitution of the United States. In contrast, there are members of the American society who take a very different view in regard to the pornography industry. Their arguments center around the whether the industry promotes the unethical treatment of humans as well as questioning the links…show more content…
The pornography industry has many negative effects, but some of the most notable include a link in the rise of divorce, the practice of objectifying and abusing their “actors”, and the resulting negative ramifications on its viewers. To begin, the viewing of pornography directly results in the disintegration of martial relationships often leading to divorce. As pointed out by Lowerde, who outlined the evolution of pornography as, “…The early fruit of the sexual revolution: broken relationships, devaluation of sexual union, and rising divorce rates” (Lowerde). Many marriages are destroyed when a spouse indulges in pornography for the viewing of pornography is a form of cheating in a martial relationship with the resulting mistrust creating a cascade of issues that can end to the destruction of a what started as a perfectly health relationship. The actual act of viewing pornographic material itself devalues the actors who participate in the material. The actors are cast to be viewed as merely sexual objects and not as human beings with individual abilities and worth. As a result, the viewer in turn learns to view others in their lives as only sexual objects and not individuals. It has been found that pornographic material alters the way the user views others in their life (Trueman). As a result, the male viewers can develop an inability to develop normal and healthy…show more content…
The pornography consumers are caught in a vicious and destructive cycle that only benefits a multi million dollar industry which feeds off of their weakness and depravity. The only result for the consumers are life long destructive issues which eventually effects everyone they encounter. In addition, the United States government has a clear responsibility to protect American citizens from this morally corrupt industry. If nothing is done, pornography will continue to erode away the American way of life. The country, churches, and families of this nation will continue to see an increased rise in the destructive issues produced by this morally bankrupt industry. America’s founding fathers sought to create a country to promote an American lifestyle for the pursuit of happiness: however, pornography degrades this American lifestyle leaving in its wake broken relationships and unhappiness. The First Amendment was created to protect the religious and political beliefs of American citizens and not to protect destructive entertainment industries. In actuality, pornography has the the power to destroy the United States from the inside out. The time to act is now for there is nothing about the pornography industry which is beneficial to the American society or which should illicit Constitutional protection by the United States

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