The Pros And Cons Of Polygamy

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Polygamy is becoming a part of the question, Is this is an alternative lifestyle that should be allowed? There are television shows and criminal cases about polygamy ( Kiesbye). Some common tv shows about polygamy are Sister Wives and Big Love. Since this is a new upcoming type of marriage the tv shows are showing all the good parts about polygamy ,or “fluffing” it up, rather than show any negatives aspects about it. There are multiple things associated with polygamy not just the side where all the family members are happy. There is a darker side to polygamy that the media has not been showng. Polygamy is deleterious to marriage and society because women are treated horribly unequally and horribly during marriage, children are abused, and…show more content…
Polygamy is written about in the Quran, and there is a debate about whether it was prohibited or not. Some will say that by interpretations it is not prohibited and others say that it states that it is prohibited (Abdelkader). Some Islamic scholars say that the Quran doesn 't allow polygamy. They say that God says it is very difficult to treat all the wives equally. Also, liberal interpretations say that polygamy is a pre-Islamic practice. Even the Islamic law even tried to limit the amount of wives that a man could have (Abdelkader). While Islamic laws tried to limit the amount of wives Sharia law is also a big factor with the polygamous Muslims. Sharia law is a bunch of very strict laws that involve aspects of cheating and lying. Sharia law will not allow polygamy with the very strict laws that they have. Some things that happen in polygamy that would go badly with sharia such as lying, backstabbing, and cheating. While this happens in polygamy the Sharia law would come into effect (Abdelkader). When Sharia law comes into effect with someone who breaks it the punishment is death. Polygamous Muslims have Sharia law to think about if they do something wrong and the Quran doesn’t really say that polygamy is accepted either. If this religion doesn’t agree with it then it should stay…show more content…
The first argument is that polygamy is a religious right. While it is a religion there are many secret scary side to it. Everybody has the right to religion because of the first amendment. Since this is a religion they technically have a right to be allowed polygamy, but they have issues within the religion that makes it a good reason not to make it legal (Jared). Even if polygamy is illegal and people still do it there are studies that were taken to show the people are not equal and violations for people in polygamy (Martinuk). Jill Keenan stated, " Polygamy is a constitutional, feminist, sex-positive choice that give women chances for good family arrangements." (Allen). This quote is very incorrect because of the fact that women are not given any choices in polygamy. She has her choice of men, but that is to the extent. Woman from the moment they marry their men have no choices. The relationships in polygamy are one man to multiple women not the other way around. the other relationship where there is one woman to multiple man is called polyandry (Rauch). The polyandry relationships are the one with the woman “on top” and that is the one more likely for the feminists to be associated with rather than polygamy. Men in polygamy marry girls as young as 14 or 15. That is considered being a pedophile. Marrying girls young in this religion give them the chance to say that is just

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