The Pros And Cons Of Political Parties

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Labels are never good for anybody. However, labels is how people identify themselves at the end of the day. Same goes with politics. One could argue both parties are nothing but a bunch of children. If one party wants something, and the other does not, then nothing gets done. However, parties do serve the purpose of giving people identities. The reason why it is not a good idea to get rid of parties is because that happens, people will just find another way to self-identify with their interest. It is inevitable. If America did not have any parties, it would be nearly impossible to get anything done. By the same token, a world without political parties is impossible. As previously mentioned, if you could somehow eliminate parties as they are,…show more content…
Before and including the 1930 's, there were no labor laws or minimum wage laws and business exploited workers and ignored any type of safety which caused unions and labor laws to be created. America saw rivers catch fire from pollution. So certainly some pollution standards were needed. The opposite side of the coin is the huge and invasive amount of government regulations Americans see now. The problem in the system as it stands is the American people have zero moderation. One side wishes to eliminate government from their lives in part to take advantage of the lower classes and allow for greed to conquer all. While the other side wishes for the government to get involved in everything to build a fantasy utopian life. The liberal mind-set is very close to believing that the government can regulate a utopian society where everybody has their needs met (if not from their own work, then from the government). The conservatives would have you believe that people and businesses, left unchecked and unregulated, would also migrate to some kind of utopian society, only with winners and losers, where hard work is always rewarded and the market is self-regulating and if you are poor, it 's only because of your own lack of effort and individual ability. There is no evidence in either one of these ideals working long

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