The Pros And Cons Of Open Adoption

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The vast majority of our lives is composed of decisions,how positive or negative things turn out are usually a derivative of our individual choices . I 'm 22 years of age; most people would assume the hardest decision I have ever had to form is the choice of wall color for my new apartment . The last thing that would be assumed is that I , at 18 years of age would be handed a paper to sign, that would build a family for someone who could never have one on their own,or cause me to loose the only family I have ever known. Most people sneer at the topic of adoption,I too was one of those people;subsequently adoption isn 't really excepted in the African American community. going into the adoption I knew the adversity that surrounded…show more content…
I have witnessed some of the stigmas tied to adoption .Among the most considerable concerns , would be that once reunited for the first time ;there will be so many question that have went unanswered that need to be addressed (This is referring to a closed adoption). With an open adoption;both parties essentially agree to answer questions whenever someone they arise.Not all the questions that are being asked are bad,or painful to answer .Some questions may be as simple as what their favorite food growing up;possibly the question is about family health or behavioral issues.Families with a closed adoption they would only sit pondering what the answers would…show more content…
The biggest downfall about adoptions is pain that comes along with the decision. When adoptions are closed typically there are a lot of unanswered questions for both the birth mom ,and adoptive family ;in-turn there are unanswered questions for the child. When questions go unanswered usually the result is fear,resentment,bitterness ;just a host of avoidable situations .Open adoptions provide the atmosphere for healing to take place;for bonds,and life long friendships to be made. Adoption may not be for everyone but those who choose adoption;should choose an open adoption. Is adoption is a lifelong journey? Absolutely! Seldom have I made decisions that would steer the course of my life one way or another;I have also never made a decision that I felt began to shape my personality ;as well as the way that I view my life ,and others so quickly either. Adoption has not

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