The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In The United States

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One of the most controversial issues debated today is immigration. This issue raises many questions on the pros and cons of allowing so many immigrants to enter this country. The majority of people coming to live in America are from third world countries. The United States has been known as the nation of immigrants since the 1960s. Like always there are people who support immigration while others are against it. As immigration continues to grow the number of people who oppose it does as well. The growth of illegal immigration has increased to 5 million, despite many policies establish to prevent it. One major debate about immigration is the impact it has on the economy and whether the growing number of immigrants is a major threat to this country.…show more content…
Most of these immigrants come from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. The immigration act of 1965 made it easier for third world immigrants to enter the country because it gave preference to immigrants with family member already established in the U.S. The United States is considered to be the “land of opportunity” so immigrants enter the states looking for employment, money, and a better way of living. A major concern for Americans is whether or not immigrants take jobs away from them or they just do the jobs most Americans wouldn 't do. Immigration has always been an issue in the United States and is often portrayed as harmful and as a major threat to American culture. The influx of immigrants was always encouraged because it was believed that if the immigrant spread out among the population it would guarantee they would assimilate. Mexico has the largest number of people coming in than any other country. Mexican American are highly concentrated in the Southwest making it difficult for them to assimilate since, they 're surrounded by other people of the same race and culture. Assimilating to a new culture isn 't always easy. Mexican and other third world immigrants are often accused of resisting assimilation. Patrick Buchanan is a strong believer that immigrants are harming the U.S economically and also culturally. He claims that immigrants threaten the American culture and that they are going to be…show more content…
Many members of immigrant ethnic groups retain their traditions and culture. Ben Wattenberg believes that America should not cut off immigration. According to Wattenberg, admitting immigrants will help increase population by the year 2050, which will keep America strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. Wattenberg is a strong believer that “pluralism works here.” (Wattenberg p.59) America can benefit from the use of both high and low skill immigrant workers to help keep America growing. In contrast from Wattenberg, Buchanan argues that America doesn 't share the same belief. According to Buchanan, “we live in the same country, we are governed by the same leader”(Buchanan 54). He argues that many immigrants enter this country every year but refuse to be part of the American culture. Buchanan also claims that Mexicans are becoming their own nation within the U.S. According to him, they have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. Patrick Buchanan believes that America as a whole isn 't

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