The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Discussion and recommendations of the study have been drawn and structured in accordance with the study’s propositions. The discussion will therefore seek to determine the extent to which each of the propositions has been confirmed or invalidated by the study findings. The research propositions were: Proposition 1: Variations in local and state gun laws are affected by variables such as: political orientation, cultural background, geographic location, population density, rates of gun violence, visibility of gun related crimes, and conservative or liberal perspectives. Proposition 2: Basic federal legislation on gun law is preserved regardless of the variances adopted by state and local governments. In discussing the first proposition, the study will use the prevailing public opinion and support to existing gun laws, especially with respect to licensure and registration requirements, and regulations on concealed or open carrying. Public opinion is distinguished from public view, where the former represents the opinions of the population with regards to existing gun control laws, while the latter depicts the open carrying of arms in public. The study has identified a possible link between state culture, such as strong gun culture and popularity of sport hunting and gun sportsmanship in the state, with geographic location, such as being a southern state. Population density also appears to be a significant factor since larger states with lower population distribution, such as Utah, Montana, Arkansas, Arizona, and Georgia were more likely to be gun liberal, have a strong gun culture, and support fewer restrictions on gun ownership and open or concealed carry. The political culture of such states also reflected and affirmed the prevail... ... middle of paper ... ...rearms such as long guns versus handguns, as well as the proximity with other states that have weaker or stronger gun control laws. A future study is recommended to investigate the relationship between gun laws and gun violence, with the view of making gun laws more cohesive to reduce the transfer of illegal firearms from states with permissive laws into their immediate neighbors with strict gun control laws. However, it should also be considered that while gun laws and gun violence have a reciprocal effect that might be difficult to deconstruct, tightening gun laws can significantly reduce gun violence, while high gun violence will make it more likely that gun control laws with be further tightened. It would therefore be interesting to conduct a study that investigates how gun control laws change in the context of an increase or reduction of gun related violence.