The Implementation of Gun Control in Texas

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The implementation of gun control in the United States is a large problem as it will take away the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens, while preventing law abiding citizens from protecting themselves from criminals.( Noyes, 3) The right to bear arms is promised to citizens of the United States. Crime is very high in states that have loose gun control laws. The state of Texas is known to have the most lenient gun control laws of any state in America.( Noyes, 6) However, the solution of taking guns away from people who are registered and licensed to carry them with no criminal record is not the answer to the problem. Americans have never responded well historically to prohibitions. (Baldauf, 7). Public concern about gun control has grown in Texas in the last two years due to the constant violence caused by Mexican drug cartels on the Mexico and Texas border. People in Texas have different beliefs when it comes to gun control, there are those who believe gun control laws are effective in reducing crime, those who believe that gun control laws are ineffective against crime, and those who believe that private owner ship of guns reduces crime. The Problem With gun violence at an all-time high, and with stricter gun control laws looming, citizens of Texas are concerned for their safety. Mexican drug cartels are creeping further into American territory. In November 2009 it was found that drug cartels have started recruiting teens from border area high schools in Texas. (Trahan, 4). When this news was released, parent became concerned that their children would be next. With this concern residence in border towns, like El Paso, Texas, believe that they are safer with private gun ownership. (Baldauf, 7). This suggest that the government in Te... ... middle of paper ... ...l 2014 NRA. “Gun Rights”. 2014. National Rifle Association. Retrieved from the Web 14 April 2014 Russell, E. “Gun Control.” 2014. Republican Party Texas. Retrieved from the Web. 14 April 2014 Santa Cruz Sentinel. “Gangs, Guns & Supervision In the News”. 2014. Project Safe Neighborhoods. Retrieved from the Web 14 April 2014 Scott Baldauf, Staff writer of The Christian,Science Monitor. "Texas Case could Redefine Gun- Control Laws it Seeks to Clarify Whether Constitution Gives Individuals Or Militias the Right to Bear Arms." The Christian Science Monitor Jun 20 2000: 3. ProQuest. 15 Apr. 2014 . Strom, M. “Louisiana and Gun Control”. 2014. Washington Times. Retrieved from the Web. 15 April, 2014 Trahan, Jason. "Mexican Drug Cartels Recruiting Texas Teens, State Warns." McClatchy – Tribune Business News Nov 18 2009 ProQuest. 15 Apr. 2014 .
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