The Pros And Cons Of Diet Sodas

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Did you know you could die by drinking diet sodas? Diet sodas are shown to help you, but the truth is that they are damaging your body. Commercials convince people that these drinks are wonderful for your body by showing skinny girls and muscular guys drinking diet sodas. When viewers watch this, they are convinced that they will have the same body figure as the actors if they drink diet soda. Plus, diet sodas are sold at grocery stores, sport games, vending machines, and drug stores, so it is easy to buy these inexpensive drinks. Diet sodas should be banned because they damage your health by causing headaches, weight gain, and diabetes. First of all, diet sodas cause headaches; thus, they should be banned. Diet sodas consist of aspartame,…show more content…
When you drink diet sodas you are risking having to have headaches or migraines often. These headaches would be a daily nuisance not letting you function as you normally would. The fact that headaches are linked to diet sodas and are caused by aspartame, was established by a dietitian, and published by a health magazine should be enough evidence to ban diet soda. Another reason, a ban on diet sodas should be exercised is because they cause weight gain. An experiment on lab rats showed that the rats that ate artificial sweetener gained more weight than the rats that ate natural sugar (Oaklander 22). We should be cautious of this finding because rats have similar body chemistry to humans. Plus, if aspartame damages an animal’s body, why drink it; it would be like drinking poison. Diet sodas affect any consumer, but older adults should be more aware because it affects them greater. Weight gain by the consumption of diet soda is greater on older adults age 65 and older. Fowler, Williams, and Hazuda conducted a study tracking the diet soda habits on 749 older adults…show more content…
If artificial sweetener changes the gut bacteria of mice, think of all the horrible things that can happen to our bodies. That’s why we should be attentive of the results. Don’t let diet sodas ruin your health for the rest of your life. Since diet sodas cause diabetes in women, can be caused by drinking only one can per day, and have confirmed negative gut bacteria results on mice, we need to ban this type of drink. Opponents argue that diet sodas should not be banned because they help you lose weight, are healthier than regular sodas, and help to push out getting cataracts until at an older age. Here are reasons why they are wrong. It is shown in rare cases that diet sodas help weight loss, but there is more research showing that they cause weight gain. You have a rare 13% chance to lose 3% body weight when drinking diet sodas, while you have a 70% chance of obesity (de la Hunty et al. 120) (“The Diet”). This is a huge difference. Some people think that diet sodas are healthier than regular sodas because they typically sate, “diet" which people attach to the word healthy. Then, people drink them more often since they are supposedly “healthy”, but they end up hurting their body. Environmental Nutrition magazine had a really
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