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Have you ever thought how much soda you consume and how bad it can be for you? Many people will drink soda instead of water, simply because it tastes better. The government should limit the intake of sugary beverages because it can lead to many different problems such as heart disease, obesity, and overall it is an unhealthy life-style. “The average person consumes almost 100lbs of sugar a year, with the single biggest source being soda.” A sugary beverage occasionally would be ok, but drinking it every day would cause problems for you overtime. People drink, more soda than they do water. People should be consuming at least eight 8-ounce glasses a day. Mostly no one will drink that amount of water a day. In today’s society, it can be easy to grab a soda for one dollar and carry on. They may taste better but they are not better for your health. “Sugary drinks include soda, fruit punch, lemonade, and other “aides” sweetened powdered drinks, and sports energy drinks.”

Sugary drinks are a major cause of obesity. Most children and young adults are overweight or obese because they are consuming too much of a sugary drink. “2 out of 3 adults and 1 out of 3 children in the united states are overweight or obese.” Most of the time children and adults consume some type of sugary drink and then afterwards will not do any physical activity. Mainly sugary drinks like, soda and energy drinks is advertised to children between the ages of 2-17. Obesity is a big thing in the U.S. Many Americans will develop type 2 diabetes throughout their lifetime because they consumed too much of a sugary beverage. They consume but do not get any physical activity. In order for a person to be fit and healthy, they must get up you 30-60 minutes of physical a...

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...ause all these problems. The government should limit them. However, since they make so much money off them they will not limit them no matter how bad it can be for the human body.

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