Cuban Missile Crisis

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1. Cuban Missile Crisis
A. Khrushchev, and the Russian military, placed nuclear offensive missiles into Cuba. A U-2 plane taking pictures over Cuba spotted the missile camps in Cuba, and brought it to the attention of the President. After a meeting with Russian officials, the Russian’s assured that the missiles were for defensive purposes only. The U.S. officials knew that the missiles were nuclear and for offensive purposes. So, instead of bombing the area before the missiles were ready, like the White House officials wanted, President Kennedy decided to put a quarantine line on the border of Cuba, to stop Russian ships from delivering nuclear equipment. As the ships got closer and closer to the line, Khrushchev wanting to avoid war, called the ships to turn around. After 2 letters, to and from Khrushchev, Kennedy agreed, that if the Russians dismantled the missiles, and got the equipment out of Cuba, the U.S. would get their missiles out of Turkey, within 6 months.

B. After 2 meetings with President Kennedy, Chairman Khrushchev had observed that Kennedy was weak, and would back down to anything that Khrushchev do. In trying to avoid war, and pretty much mass destruction of half the war, President Kennedy and Chairman Khrushchev ended the crisis by agreeing to remove missiles from Cuba and Turkey respectively.

C. ● To bomb the area in Cuba, where the missiles were, when they were first discovered. – He wanted to avoid a war.
● To either bomb the area, or to set up a quarantine line – he wanted to avoid war.
● To move the quarantine line back – Kennedy wanted to give the Russians more time to avoid war.
● Not to alert Congress of the situation that is going on in Cuba – to avoid mass chaos in the U.S.

D. One of the biggest policies that Kennedy had was that he would not back down. After the 2 meetings with Khrushchev, Kennedy wanted to prove that he wasn’t a weak President. Another was that Kennedy wanted to hold strong to the Monroe Doctrine, which said that no one would “mess'; with the Western Hemisphere unless, the U.S. knew about it. Also see C.

E. Kennedy didn’t inform Congress of the crisis, because he knew that if they knew no decisions...

... middle of paper ... known in the U.N. as the Chinese Republic
Stood until 1970…when President Carter asked that the U.N. sees Taiwan as China…The U.N. agreed
Cater said that they would protect Taiwan. (U.S. sends planes along Taiwan to make sure China doesn’t invade)
●China is experimenting on putting communism and capitalism together (in the area of Hong Kong)

Constructive Engagement (U.S. foreign policy with China)
The U.S. will continue to talk and trade with China and long as that try to change their ways.

Polish Disease
In Poland people started to rebel against the government, because it was a communist government. When word of this got through to other countries, the people in other countries started to rebel as well. Country after country started to change over to capitalism. When this wave hit China, the Chinese government didn’t want this rebellion to happen, so they brought out their tanks to stop the people for trying to change the way the government works.

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