The Pros And Cons Of Bullying

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Bullying laws must be enforced. Over fifty-three percent of teens have been harmed by someone at their school (parks, 49). It is not just “kids being kids” in reality it has immense side effects on children. Parents do not realize how bad a child’s situation is until they end up hurting themselves because of bullying. A majority of states care more about than student safety. If schools paid less attention testing and focused more on the students, then there would be less bullying. We need bullying laws because without them teens deal with agony, depression, and suicide.
Children that deal with bullying tend to live with immense mental or physical struggles known as agony. “Bullying can worsen the mental health of teenagers who are already dealing with stress” (parks, 49). Parents tend to think students don’t have to deal with stress, yet everything adds up and bullying just makes it worse. No matter how children get bullied or how much, it will still cause pain and suffering. Kids live each day thinking they are the reason they get bullied but in reality usually is just the bully that has issues. Usually the kid is bullied because the one bullying them just wants attention or they are jealous about something involving the other person (Bullying). Bullying will never stop for these children. Maybe the bullies will stop, but they will always have a fear of not being “good enough”. “it tore me down. I began to believe what was said. I was ugly. I was a freak. I was unwanted, unloved, unneeded. I’m still struggling with those today” (Goldman, 105). The adult in this quote is explaining how he still deals with the struggle that he went through when he was a young teen. Whenever you always deal with constantly being pushed down you ...

... middle of paper ... need to be enforced throughout schools; teen grades would increase if they were not bullied as much as they are now. Teens tend to increase their grades when they are worrying about class instead of being bullied. Bullying in schools started around 1970’s and is still around (school bullying). School districts should have tried to stop this bullying a long time ago. Only some states have tried to stop this bullying but multiple have just let it slide. There are immense side effects on these children who get bullied and no one even seems to care. The children do not just feel pain from being bullied, but they feel pain because no one will help them. If all these schools stopped worrying about testing than maybe there would be more children that were not bullied. All countries need to have laws to prevent this bullying before it gets even worse than it already is.

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