Bullying: Victims on Both Sides

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Three million bullying incidents are reported each year in the U.S. and over 160,000 kids skip school each day because they are scared of being bullied (Havenrich). Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year olds and sixth leading cause of death for 5 to 14 year olds ("Bullying"). Bullying has been going on for decades (Garby), and goes unnoticed by many everyday. One out of every four school students encounters taunting, teasing, shoving, and called names daily by school bullies (Havenrich). Bullying happens on the playground, during class, and to and from school (Wright). Bullying has become a big issue and some states are making laws to stop bullying (Garby). It damages the people being bullied, effects the bully himself, and sometimes the people that did not take part in the bullying. Bullying hurts the person being bullied in tremendous ways ("Bullying"). Children that are bullied sometimes feel hated, unimportant, and terrified ("Bullying"). Children that are bullied wake up everyday knowing that the bullies are waiting to torture, embarrass, and hurt them (Wright). More than 43 percent of middle-school and high-school students avoid using school bathrooms because they are scared of being messed with or hurt (Havenrich). Kids who are bullied can gain physical symptoms like headaches, stomach pains or sleeping problems (“What Effects”). Some kids are physically injured and they are left with bruises, black eyes, broken bones, internal injuries, scarring, damaged testicles, kidneys, and blinded in one of their eyes (Wright). They sometimes lose confidence or hope in themselves (“What Effects”). Bullying can cause kids to have mental, physical, and social problems. Children that are bullied are more capab... ... middle of paper ... ... N.D. 2005 "Bullying" Editor: Beth Rosenthal, Issues on opposing view points, Greenhaven press, apart of Gale "Dealing with Bullying", Teenshealth Web. July 2013 Patrick, Donald L, et al. "Bullying and quality of life in youths perceived as gay, lesbian, or bisexual in Washington state 2010, American Journal of Public Health 103.7 (2013): Premier. Web. 2 April 2014 Garby, Lisa "Direct Bullying: Criminal Act or mimicking what has been learned", Education 133.4 (2013) : 448-450. Academic Search Premier, web.2, April 2014 Havenrich, Sue Smith. "Kids Hurting Kids" mothering magazine, May/June 2001 Starr, Linda,"Bullying Intervention strategies that work", education world, Oct 26, 2005 Wright, Susan "Home Education can help prevent bullying" N.P. Dec 29, 2005 "What Effect does Bullying have on students and schools" Michigan Association of School Administrators. Web. 2013

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