The Pros And Cons Of Amphetamines

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Do you really want to be prescribed prescription drugs if they will lead to harder drugs? 11% of people between the ages of 4 and 17 are prescribed Adderall yearly (Stimulant ADHD). At young ages, doctors assume that the children have ADD or ADHD because they cannot sit still, or pay attention. This is just kids being kids. At a young age, no kid can pay attention, or sit still. Also, millions of adults that have major surgeries that the pain is expected to last more than 3 months are prescribed opioids (CDC). Opioids are painkillers that are prescribed for severe pain only. These prescription drugs, though they seem good, should not be prescribed because they can lead to harder drugs in the future, such as cocaine, heroin, etc., and doctors…show more content…
It is classified as an amphetamine, which help the body’s system speed up (Drug Fact Sheet). These can look like a pill, or powder, as can cocaine and meth. They are abused by being taken in both ways, and cause the same effect as cocaine, a slower but more focused mind. Amphetamines can increase blood pressure and cause loss of appetite and exhaustion. People that want to stop Adderall cannot because of the feeling that it gives them, and the cravings their bodies get. When they stop, they can start to get jittery, and then take more Adderall than recommended, and get addicted quickly by doing this. Then they run out of their prescription, and need that same feeling. The patients then get cocaine, and sometimes meth because they both give the same effect on their minds and bodies as Adderall did. As they start to overdose on these drugs, signs of increasing body temperature, convulsions and hallucinations will be shown (Drug Fact Sheet). This all happens because people think it is okay to stop suddenly because they do not know the side effects, and the harm it can cause their…show more content…
They abuse it by injecting it with a needle, smoking it, or by snorting it. They do this because they stopped taking these prescription drugs that gave them “jolt” feeling, followed by a state of fatigued, which is the same feeling that heroin gives them. Also, in comparison between opioids and heroin, your body builds up a tolerance for both. This means that the people would need more of the substance to get the feeling that they want. This is a major issue with opioid use because the patients need more of the medication to get their pain to go away, and then get addicted and cannot stop taking the pill. There are physical signs of addiction, and these include drowsiness, constricted pupils, nausea, and dry mouth (Drugs of Abuse). These signs occur when addicted to both opioids and heroin. Also, signs of an overdose while using heroin or opioids are blue lips and fingernails, slow breaths and clammy skin (Drugs of Abuse). Doctors not warning their patients about all of the warnings of weaning off these medications can cause them to start doing harder drugs. Taking Adderall from a young age and stopping suddenly can cause your body to crash unless you do the hard drugs that give you the same feeling as Adderall. Also, taking opioids and not knowing the side effects and how to wean yourself off can cause major damage, and bodily cravings for the chemicals that are in them. So you go to cocaine because it has the same
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