The Pros And Cons Of Prisoners

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Prisoners are people too. They’re just like everyone else. They may have been at the wrong place during the wrong time or they just didn’t make a very bright decision. Author _________, wrote “Transitioning inmates into society is key”, which was published on September 3, 2015 by the Bismarck Tribune, states that inmates are more likely to commit another crime because they don’t have a support system to help them when they get out. Prisoners have a hard time transitioning back into society once they are released, but in recent years, ministry programs have emerged to help them get back to everyday life. The author uses pathos in order to get people to see how if we would just help inmates transition back into society, we can live an easier life not having to worry about loved ones in jail and the amount of money used to fund the prisons. People have been getting involved with the law for centuries and it’s no surprise that the majority of inmates have repeatedly been in and out of jail. Without proper resources and support, released inmates will likely face health, financial, and social barriers, forcing many to revert back to criminal behavior. Once they get released, they have a tough time…show more content…
With inmates learning how to function in society, they may be less likely to commit another crime. This means that there will be less victims susceptible to harm and the communities will be safer to live in. According to Kayleen Wardner, inmates realize that when they get released, they’re having to deal with institutional issues as well. Many of the inmates struggle with mental illnesses and substance abuse in which they don’t receive treatment for. Over 75% of adult offenders have a substance abuse problem. To make things even harder, over half haven’t received there diploma or GED. Some have children that they cannot mentally or financially take care of, which is another stress point in getting