The Problem of Global Warming

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Global Warming is the increase of temperature on Earth which is caused by

human activities and will have very serious consequences for life on Earth if

humans don't start to do something about it now. Global Warming is caused when the

Greenhouse Gases combines with the atmosphere and traps heat. It is strongly related to

pre-human and pre- industrial global warming, it is also weakly related to depletion of

ozone layer, which was caused by the CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) gas. The effects of

global warming on the environment are dangerous, such as: rising of sea level because

polar caps melt, changes in the pattern of precipitation, floods, droughts, heat waves,

hurricanes and tornadoes. These effects would take away life and destroy houses or

anything else human made. The effects of global warming on humans are also dangerous,

such as: affecting human health by affecting ecosystem and productivity, air quality,

diseases and agricultural production. We could prevent all of these from happening by

using alternative sources, for example: wind, solar, nuclear and water power. With the

help of modern technologies, we could increase the Earth?s reflectivity and keep it cool.

The most important thing is to keep population under control and recycle.

Global Warming is the process where in the Earth is getting warmer and the

atmosphere is getting thicker because the amount of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) is

increasing. Greenhouse Gases includes carbon dioxide, methane gas, nitrous oxide,

water vapor and CFC (chlorofluorocarbons). These gases (except CFC) are naturally

there in the atmosphere, but too much of them traps too much heat. Even though carbon

dioxide is considered to be the biggest cause of global w...

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...ees release lots of carbon

dioxide as they are burnt. Trees should be replaced as they are chopped down. The easiest

thing to start with is recycling because we could start doing it at home, office and school.

Recycling paper means we reduce the need for cutting down trees for new paper and if all

people started to use things carefully and recycling things, the reduction of resources

need will occur. This will have positive effects and reduce Global Warming.

Global Warming is a very serious problem that?s happening now to our Earth. We

should do something to prevent this and become more serious before it harms us later

on. There have been signs of global warming and the record of highest temperature

mostly occurred on the last few years. If everybody in the world starts to do something

small, the effect will be big. So, must start whenever we can.