The Presentation of Witches in William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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The Presentation of Witches in William Shakespeare's Macbeth Shakespeare is known all over the world for his advanced techniques in writing plays and the one I am studying is Macbeth. Macbeth was written for James the first, and was written because he was interested in witchcraft. In the 17th century witchcraft was frowned upon to say the least, and most people who practised witchcraft were burned at the stake. This was because society couldn't handle witchcraft; they were frightened of it. But nowadays people understand witchcraft and don't see it as a threat; they almost see it as thrilling and interesting. There have been many different interpretations and productions of the play and the two I have chosen are the BBCs version and a modern play by Anne Ross Muir. The BBC production was an old fashioned version and was set in medieval Scotland in the 11th century and followed a more traditional style. The version directed by Anne Ross Muir followed a modern route in trying to make the play more understandable. This was achieved by making the play have modern qualities, which people can relate to The BBCs was set in Scotland, at the time of war, when the monarchy was not a stable establishment. The first scene was set on a heath in the middle of no where which was smart of the director because it really had an impact on the viewer because of the darkness and almost mysterious place it was set. This setting alerts the viewer to the point that they are getting goose bumps and it is obvious that the director has deliberately chosen this setting to enhance the quality of the play. But this isn't the major factor, w... ... middle of paper ... ...and they are wearing masks. To circle them they use roller skates, which enhances the way it alarms both Macbeth and the and the viewer, it also creates confusion and awakes an element of uncertainty. In conclusion, in comparing these two productions I first of all thought that the Anne Ross Muir production was weak and doesn't force a dramatic start. I also think its important to not touch or change anything about the way Shakespeare wrote this play. I think it would be a great insult to Shakespeare if he were alive. And therefore I think Shakespeare would be happier with the BBCs production because it stays with the original text an original setting. I would like to say the three witches were crucial and therefore without them it wouldn't be a good play. This is because the witches make the play more memorable.
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