The Presence of Britain in India and Cultural Disintegration

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The presence of Britain in India has a great significant importance today because the world is globalizing people are becoming interconnected and are becoming dependent on each other. Historical legacies included the cultural traditions and celebrations which the people are involved in. Cultural impacts of the dominant power is still seen on the country being influenced because there would be the same pop culture in the developing countries, same clothing styles and clothes, type of music, language and laws and all these things are not easy to resolve and take back from the country. The legacies of historical globalization positively affected the people of the developing countries by exploiting new resources, making use of forces of globalization i.e. trade and transportation but people believe that legacies of historical globalization negatively affected the people of the developing countries as there identity was influenced because of Mercantilism, Imperialism and by interfering into countries personal issues.

As Britain was having control over India many cultures were disintegrated. Personal and collective identities, as well as economic and political systems were destroyed. Many indigenous people were forces to abandon traditional way of life. But as the people were suffering from all this Britain made development in technology, education, law and medical care for people. As Britain divided India for his own the profit of there mother country, they actually gave a way to Indians to stand against them because now Indians knew that in order to be independent they have to stand together as one unite nation. British brought to Indian there pop cultures, so people still practice the beliefs and values of it, wear trendy cloths...

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...ologies available to travel and transport. Through these techniques of transportation Indians are now able to transport there resources to different places to have a better standard of living and be able to stand in the global economy.

Britain made a great Improvement in Indian Law. The laws brought Peace and unity throughout India. Competent civil servants administered the colony well. They brought Equality before the people, regardless of caste. Elimination of caste and religious customs considered barbaric. Suttee- brides jumping on their husband’s pyre. Thuggery – ritual strangling of people and Female infanticide. These all systems were stopped by British because many people died in these traditions. Schools were opened for the minority of the people by Britain so that Future independence leaders were educated in the Western ideals of freedom and equality.

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