The Preamble: A Promise To Protect The Citizens Of The United States

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The Preamble is a promise to protect the citizens of the United States. It is an introduction to the beginning of the Constitution. The Preamble was written September 17, 1787. Before the Preamble there were The Articles of Confederation, which did not really help our country. The Framers knew that they had to do something. Therefore the Preamble was created to state that the government would protect the rights listed in the Preamble. Some Americans believe that it is a promise to the people of our nation. But has the Preamble lived up to its promise? As I mentioned before, the Preamble was created September 17, 1787, as a promise to protect the citizens of the United States. Some people may disagree with this statement. The Preamble begins with “ We the people of the United States,” meaning the citizens of…show more content…
Even though there are flaws in the government, they still have kept this promise mentioned in the Preamble. As we all know the United States has a military to defend the country. In the Preamble, it says “ provide for the common defense” (, 2015). This states that the government will provide a military to protect us at home. Many different military branches are out there defending the rights that we are given. None of our rights have been taken away by an invasion of our country. The Preamble states “ promote the general welfare…” (, 2015). This is saying that citizens would be cared for by the Federal Government. The Federal Government will try to take care of each citizen the best they can. For example, for those people who do not make enough income, they can receive welfare to help them out. Also, hospitals are put everywhere to take care of sick or injured people. The next line in the Preamble is “ and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Prosperity…” (, 2015). This line was included in the

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