The Political Philosophy Of Ghandism

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The constitution that ratifies the state of Jaipan will be built on the foundations that influenced the political philosophy of Ghandism. Progressive in the nature of encompassing transparency within layers of bureaucracy to maintain a consciousness of equality within society- libertarian socialism, social anarchy and Ghandism illustrates; “Without the principle of peace and strategy, politics has always embellished into banks of violent protest through all pillars of society.” (Huttenback, 1971, p.46)
Integrating with the ethical principle of libertarian thinkers, the constitution of the state will provide political clarity to ensure a fair society. In turn, this begins to reinforce the principle of social anarchism within a state, ideologically outlined as; “We do not want to rob any one of his coat, but we wish to give to the workers all those things the lack of which makes them fall an easy prey to the exploiter.” (Kropotkin, 1990) The role of the social anarchism within the constitution will not be to promote anarchy, but to differentiate from total capitalist democracy and develop a system of governance where everyday decision-makers are mass society and not solely appointed individuals.
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It will conclude with reasons behind articles and clauses within the constitution, validating the link between specific ideas and the political principles argued as the foundations of the constitution of Jaipan.

WE, THE PEOPLE OF JAIPAN, having solemnly formed through democratic process to constitute Jaipan into a [SECULAR LIBERTARIAN SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY] and to secure the will off all its citizens:
1. Justice through transparency- social, economic and political;
2. Liberty of thought, expression, belief, and

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