The Perils of Social Networking

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Social networking sites, such as Facebook, promote sharing of personal information, dissemination of potential misinformation regarding activism and leaves users in danger of incurring many other offenses. Before the internet, people’s expectations were only as pressing as the technology that they had at their fingertips. These days, instant gratification is a conceivable reality and many people feel that they must have a cell phone, use email and would be culturally remiss without participation in a social networking site. To foster this participation, social networking sites allow the user to create a profile which reflects who they are and give them the ability to share it with others. It also allows for relationships and connections to networks of interest-based groups. The negative impacts of this cultural phenomenon are becoming apparent with the intensity of its popularity. In fact, according to the Facebook website, of the more than five hundred million active users, at least half log onto the site, daily (Facebook). With the number of users logging onto Facebook alone, there’s no wonder how this technological marvel can quickly turn dim. Negative impacts of social networking sites include: identity theft, cyber bullying, perils of employment vs. social networking and abuses of online activism. Just like the introduction of the television, social networking is making a drastic cultural upheaval, ushering in an age where information is nearly limitless and you can be, virtually, whomever you want. Prior to the advent of electronic communication, such as, the use of cell phones, electronic mail and social networking sites, there was more human interaction. There was more letter writing, evening walks and cultivati... ... middle of paper ... ...ut vulnerability. Everyone is at risk and should be weary of abusing social networking sites, be aware of predators and safeguard against identity theft. Although instant gratification seems to be here to stay, we should remind ourselves that there is physical world beyond our virtual lives. Works Cited Dugan, Laura. "The Pitfalls of Facebook Activism." 3 May. 2010. Web. 28 March 2011 Espejo, Roman. Should Social Networking Sites be Banned? Detroit: Greenhaven, 2008. Print Gaudin, Sharon. Computerworld. 6 October. 2009. Web. 28 March 2011 Sfakiyanudis, Ermis. Crackdown on Cyberslackers - BusinessWeek. Web. 28 March. 2011. Facebook. "Statistics" Web. 28 March. 2011. Thomas, Joe. Negative Impact of Social Networking Sites. Web. 28 March. 2011 Willard, Nancy E. Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats. Champaign: Research Press; 2nd edition, 2007. Print.
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