The Negative Effects Of Social Media

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What if I tell you that Social Media plays a huge impact in your life? In today's society, billions of people across the world are using the internet multiple times a day, and why wouldn't they? It allows you to know everything that's happening throughout the whole world. You can chat with your friends on instant messaging services and know exactly where they are, you can know what you're favorite celebrities are doing throughout their day, you can watch videos, movies, and pictures. Although the benefits of the internet are helpful there are also many negative effects it has in our everyday life.
The internet was first developed in the late 50's and early 60's as a way of communication and method of sending data by the US military, and since then the internet as evolved into something almost everyone in the world can now access. It also introduced the world to social media. Throughout modern society social media has influenced the minds of many individuals. Social Media goes back to when Google, AOL, Myspace were the websites everyone were using. Although before it was mostly just adults that were on the internet. Now social media has started become popular amongst teenagers and even children in modern day. One of the biggest reasons to such a rapid growth of social media is because of Facebook. Since Facebook many more social network websites have began to play a part of many peoples lives like Twitter, Instagram, and many more. People of all ages started using Facebook and other social network sites because it was an easy way for everyone to interact with each other and to connect with old friends. Slowly people started spending more hours on the internet every night and it began to consume most of the time in everyone...

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...asily now as to back than it was more difficult. Social media is a way of keeping people socially active. Facebook allows everyone to keep in touch and also acts as a source of entertainment, you can see what your friends are doing, comment on statuses, photos, and also join different organizations. There are many people who have difficulty socializing in person and social media builds up their confidence and helps them become more social and learn to process their thoughts before they write anything. A lady said it makes her daughter feel more confident. Her daughter gets comments on her “selfies” almost everyday with positive things that others have to say. "When they post selfies, all the comments I usually see are 'You're beautiful,' 'You're so pretty,' 'Oh my God, gorgeous,'" said Masio.

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