The Pelican Brief

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The Pelican Brief, an irresistible story that begins with the simultaneous assassinations of two Supreme Court Judges. One October night one of the liberal Judges, A. Rosenberg, is shot in the head while sleeping in his Georgetown home. Two hours later G. Jensen, the Court's youngest and most conservative judge, is strangled, possibly by the same assassin. America is in shock, the F.B.I. has no clues. Darby Shaw is a brilliant law student at Tulane University in New Orleans when she heard about the two murders. One of the victims, Rosenberg, is the most admired and often quoted law scholar by Thomas Callahan, her constitutional law professor and also her lover. The speculation is that conservatives will be appointed to replace the two Judges. Darby secluded herself for four days in a law library, digging through briefs, dissents, books, newspapers, essays, and law opinions, trying to discover what the two murdered Judges had in common. By accident, she stumbles upon a topic that the two assassinated Judges had in common: the environment. She has a theory about who's responsible for the killings so she develops what is later called "The Pelican Brief." She gave the brief to her law professor who shared the suppositions with a lawyer friend from his law school days, Gavin Verheek, who now works for the F.B.I. The head of the F.B.I. discovered the suspect had donated money to the President's last re-election campaign, all of which was deemed legal. The accusations against the suspect were dismissed as more speculation by the White House. Darby's suspect has powerful friends. One evening, outside a New Orleans restaurant, she narrowly escapes an assassin's car bomb. Someone has read her brief. Someone who wants her dead. Alone and frightened, Darby disappears. After reading an alarming story about the assassinations, including Thomas's, in the Washington Post, she contacts investigative reporter Gray Grantham and convinces him that the F.B.I., the President, and the whole country try to cope with the deaths of two powerful men. One day Grantham receives a call from a guy nicknamed Garcia who has heard apparently something important about the Judges murders. Grantham didn't put a lot of attention in the calls because this guy didn't say anything relevant. So with no much information that Garcia give him, Grantham met with a security guard that works in the White House, this guard named Sarge gave to Grantham a copy of a document that has information of Khamel an assassin that has to many faces, names, costumes and it was one of the most important targets from the F.
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