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  • Brief for Petitioner and Brief for Respondent

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    in jail. In order to further understand how the people think about search upon arrest, I read two articles: Brief for Petitioner and Brief for Respondent. These briefs summarized two opposite arguments of the petitioner and respondent in Riley’s case. In Brief for Petitioner, David Leon Riley argued that the police have no rights to search his cell phone on arrest. However, in Brief for Respondent, the Court consist the police have the rights to search Riley’s cell phone upon arrest. In order

  • brief

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    At the start of the academic year in September 2013 we were asked to organise a photographic event as part of our end of year project. Within the group we had several ideas about what shape the event would take varying from photography fairs to workshops and demonstrations. After a few periods of in class discussions we decided that an informative and interesting event would be to hold an event featuring a professional photographer. The photographer would be asked to showcase their work and also

  • Brief

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    As a proud Democracy, American citizens place a high value on the right to vote. It is believed by most that everyone should have an opportunity to equally participate in the decisions made by our government. Recent state actions, however, have put this fundamental concept in jeopardy. There have been several efforts to enforce laws which will require individuals to present valid identification to register to vote or when voting at the polls. In Smith v. Missouri, we are examining the validity of

  • Brief Therapy

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    Brief therapy helps people by focusing on solutions, instead of problems. The therapist asks questions thereby facilitates the client by helping formulates solutions. The client leads the meeting by actively formulating ideas in which he/she can serve to improve the client's negative circumstances. This is contrary to cognitive therapy, which focuses on a client's cognitive processes (how he or she thinks about people/places/things). The therapist collaborates with the client to help the client

  • The Pelican Brief

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    The Pelican Brief 1º Summary Two Supreme Court Judges has been murdered. Darby Shaw, a law student, wrote a brief (The Pelican Brief) about the linking between the two murders and Vitor Mattience, the owner of an oil company which wants to build a factory in the Louisiana's Marshlands and also a close fiend of the United States' President. Shaw gave the brief to his teacher (and boyfriend) Thomas Callaham who gave it to a FBI lawyer friend of him. Several days after Callaham is murdered

  • The Pelican Brief

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    The Pelican Brief, an irresistible story that begins with the simultaneous assassinations of two Supreme Court Judges. One October night one of the liberal Judges, A. Rosenberg, is shot in the head while sleeping in his Georgetown home. Two hours later G. Jensen, the Court's youngest and most conservative judge, is strangled, possibly by the same assassin. America is in shock, the F.B.I. has no clues. Darby Shaw is a brilliant law student at Tulane University in New Orleans when she heard about

  • A Bintel Brief

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    The Eastern European Jews had many troubles before immigrating to America. Jews are well known for overcoming hardships that are thrown at them. In A Bintel Brief, they weren’t exactly overcoming genocide, but they were having many hardships that would be tough for anyone including love, missing family members, poverty, and different religious problems. Many Jews had nothing but the clothes on their backs when they arrived in America. Few had money to bring along with them, all though some did

  • A Bintel Brief

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    A Bintel Brief      A Bintel Brief, the book of letters from the Jewish daily Forward brought to me the realism of life as a Jewish immigrant. The times were rough on them, they used the “Bintel Brief” to reveal there problems and to get answers. When I started to read the book I was looking for specific answers to some questions. What do the letters reveal about how immigration was a large part a culrutal process that lasted well after Jews and other immigrants arrived

  • The Pelican Brief

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    The movie I had to review for criminal law and procedure is the 'Pelican Brief.'; At first I was unhappy to get this movie because I have never heard of it before. After watching it I was glad to get a movie that was interesting to me. The plot of the movie is as follows: In the opening scene of the movie they show Denzel Washington who is a reporter named Gray Grantham interviewing a Supreme Court Justice named Rosenberg. Then a scene later they show Darby Shaw, who is Louisiana, in a law class

  • policy brief

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    significant low, 51.9% of the average percentage 49.2%. Among those statistics, there are only 28 percent infants were breastfed by exclusive breastfeeding in urban area. Above all, this policy brief will concentrate on increasing breastfeeding rate in urban area in China. Audience research This policy brief will be shown to policy maker. According to report, one out of three women return to work within 3 months after give birth to baby and two out of three women return to work within 6 months. It