The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC)

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The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) is an acclaimed organization that prevents discrimination through educating and promoting human rights in Ontario (OHRC, About the Commission). Their goal is for each individual in Ontario be valued; so that everyone can participate and feel they are an important part to the community while being respected and treated with dignity. As well, they make sure each individual take responsibility for the rights of others, so human rights can be achieved by all (OHRC, About the Commission). OHRC accomplishes this through wide range of educational activities and partnership initiatives to promote code violations and advancement of human rights and reduce discrimination, to decrease the occurrence of formal human rights complaints (OHRC, Public Education). Their website provides the public with access to a wide array of information and educational resources. OHRC provides educational sessions to employers, unions, professional associations, community organizations and other groups who are partners with them to develop a culture of human rights (OHRC, Public Education). While decreasing the occurrence of formal human rights complaints, they maintain fair hiring and employment practices and also encourages diversity in the workforce and they do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment in the workforce. (OHRC, Employment) When the OHRC deliver services to the public they make sure to be responsive to the diversity of the population served, and stay fair to each person, and their right to be free from discrimination by keeping them informed always (OHRC, Our Commitment to Service). Section 30 of the Ontario Human Rights Code allows OHRC to prepare, approve and publish human rights policie...

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...between them and the “Others,” though after 9/11 this “innocences” of living in an harmonious world was no longer due to the actions of the ‘terrorists’ (Street, 2003). The inquiry report on racial profiling from OHRC was serving a purpose to demonstrate anti-hegemony which delineates as the refusal to give permission to all that is wrong, encourage the knowledge of different cultures, and oppose to a single powerful group from ruling the system (Stand, 2014). Informing Canadian’s on racial profiling is a great start to raising consciousness, however knowledge is not everything. Knowledge without answers is only awareness and in order to change racial profiling individuals need direction. Perhaps OHRC could present a new report with answers to end racial profiling or at least where to begin, because with proper guidance racial profiling can be modified and destroyed.
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