The October Revolution

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The October Revolution “The October Revolution was no more than a well planned military coup carried out with out the knowledge and against the wishes of the people.” This statement is entirely false, the October Revolution was wished for and very necessary for the people of Russia, to bring more power back to the people. The events of 1917 were crucial for the Bolsheviks, they represented their rise in power and their rise in popularity with the people. It was these events that rallied the Russian people behind the Bolshevik party and gave them the idea that a revolution was necessary. With this argument I will first look back at the events in Russia that lead us to the October Revolution and their effect on the people. There were many events in Russian history before the October Revolution that gave the Russian people less hope in their government, and made the idea of a revolution seem inviting. Russia under the Tsarist system gave no power or rights to the people. The autocratic system gave only the tsar rights and consequently all the power. In fact, it was the tsar who told people what rights they had. The power in the autocracy flowed from top to bottom, the top being the tsar and the bottom being people. “During the system of Tsarism the peoples of Russia were systematically incited against one another.”(pg.66, Daniels) During the Time of Trouble between 1598 and 1613 society fell and there was no tsar to represent the people, Russia was undergoverned. During this time, the Poles and the Swedes both invaded Russia. There is a battle going on over lands between the nobles and the peasants who constitute 95% of Russia’s population. ... ... middle of paper ... ...oletariat against the bourgeoisie.”(pg 87,Dziew) In conclusion the October Revolution was carried out with the support of most Russians and it was a necessary trend in Russian History. The events leading up to the October Revolution such as Bloody Sunday and the Peasant Revolts of 1905 and especially the workers strikes gave Russia and it’s people a sense that a revolt was necessary. The leadership of Lenin and Trotsky whose speeches helped gain support for the Bolsheviks along with their excellent use of propaganda is what gave them the support of the Russian people. Those events along with the struggling domestic conditions in Russia led to the October Revolution. “According to Soviet historiography, the October Revolution was the product of a clearly discernible, irresistible trend in Russian history.”(pg. 87, Dziew)
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