New York Yankees Personal Statement

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531 words

The year was 2009. The New York Yankees had just won the World Series Championship and the city was ablaze with die-hard fans whooping and hollering for victory. Streamers fluttered from every post and pole along 8th avenue as a stampede of elated fans ran through them. As an 8-year-old girl experiencing New York for the very first time, this was overwhelming, to say the least. I remember my mom instinctively grabbing the neck of my coat so as not to lose me to the tsunami of Yankees fans. Her constant grip, although I was annoyed by it at the time, was the only thing that kept me from wandering into the excitement. The electric energy coming from each and every person that day drew me in and has created my lifelong attachment and obsession …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Describes how their mom's constant grip on their coat kept them from wandering into the excitement. the yankees' world series victory drew them into their lifelong obsession with new york city.
  • Narrates how they dreamed of living, working, and learning in the big apple. the endless possibilities that are included with a life in new york have given them hope and motivation.
  • Opines that diversity and acceptance amongst all people factors into why they love new york city.
  • Opines that new york has sparked their love for traveling and experiencing other unknown places. they plan to travel to places like paris, london, tokyo, etc. to experience the same excitement and possibility that they encountered on their first visit.
  • Describes their first visit to new york as life-changing because of the lasting influence it has had on their goals and plans.

The endless possibilities that are included with a life in New York City have given me hope and motivation. As a young girl, I wanted my whole career to start and end in New York. I was going to attend college at either New York University, Columbia University, or Parsons School of Design and I was going to live in Manhattan or Park Avenue. Not only that but I was also going to become either a world-renowned surgeon or an international fashion designer. Now although some of those plans are rather unrealistic and my ideas about life have drastically changed, my plans have and will always center around New York City. Another one of my favorite aspects of New York life is the inclusive mindset of a lot the city's inhabitants. One of the first things I noticed about the city was the mixture of different people from all walks of life. People of different races, ethnicities, languages, religions, countries, and backgrounds all come together in one iconic city. The idea of diversity and acceptance amongst all people factors into why I love New York City. I would love to meet and work with all different types of people, opening my eyes to things I never knew

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