The New America Dream is Green (and Sustainable)

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Smallville is a city just like any other city in the world. It has crime, pollution, and social inequalities. However citizens everywhere are dreaming of the future. The reason people came to Smallville, or America, in the first place was to live the American Dream. This idea is that if a person works hard enough they can be or achieve anything they want. However, the current system of selfishness and ignorance of the masses has led to the destruction of this idea. In order for these dreams to survive, Smallville needs to promote change. There needs to be more information about the effects people have on their communities and the environment. There needs to be a shift towards long-term sustainability. Before there can be greener technology, ecologically friendly businesses, or sustainable energy citizens need to change their outlook on life. Every individual needs to realize their role in the community. There needs to be more emphasis on people living local, eating local, and working local. The more localization and less globalization there is the better. The more people use what is readily available to them the more they will realize how important it is not to waste. In order for communities to get a long every individual needs to be respected. There needs to be social equality between men and women, different ethnicities, and an acceptance of the LBGTQ community. Once this is achieved, the New American Dream will be born. This new idea will include being anything you want to be while helping others reach the same goal. Smallville needs to take the steps towards a more informed and aware society so people can achieve their dreams while not destroying the dreams of others around the world. In order for Smallville to r... ... middle of paper ... ...rt. "Accepting the gay person: Rental accommodation in the community." Journal of Homosexuality 36.2 (1998): 31. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 25 Mar. 2014. Page explains the struggles an LBGTQ citizen has when finding a place to live freely in a community. It shows that there needs to a major acceptance of the couple or even individuals who are gay by the community in order for the person to feel welcome. People usually do not like to live where they do not feel welcome. This will help me show where major change needs to be within the social realm of society. If people cannot accept each other they cannot join as a community and eventually fix other problems that require cooperation. This article's only bias is justified because it shows real stories of people being harassed. It does not give merit to the side that says these people are really the problem.
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