The Negative Impacts Of Social Media Addiction

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Social media has gotten really popular; nowadays a lot of people have been using social networking websites such as facebook, twitter and other websites. The Internet has grown rapidly, social media has advanced too. The existence of the internet has made our lives convenient and fast. Social media websites have played a vital role in the increase of internet usage and popularity. While the modern day gadgets have made social media more accessible and mobile, people can message or call their loved ones and friends, even if they live far away. Although social media has positive traits, it can however be abused, by excessive use. In this essay I will be discussing point such as why is social media addictive, what social media addiction is, and lastly the negative impacts of social media .

Social media is very addictive because it hits our pleasure centre ( class discussion), it is hence rewarding. Social media has an abundance of positive traits, which attract people towards it and in no time people get addicted to it. Factors such as connectivity, freedom, opportunity play a vital role in social media addiction. Connectivity is the major factor; social media allows people to connect to their loved ones across the globe. Addiction is
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People often share their views online; such freedom of speech on social media makes it really popular amongst young generation and gets them addicted to social media because it is the best medium for them to share their views, some people get addicted to internet because of the social connections they make online; as in social media is a very popular way of searching people, having conversations with them ; several dating websites have online chatting facility which is another way of getting
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