The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Young Minds

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Negative Effects of Social Media on Young Minds Even though people know that social media makes them feel low-spirited, they keep coming back to get a fix and in the end it hurts their self esteem, mental health and many other aspects of their human life more than they originally thought it would. This is how the brain works, it thinks that social media helps but, in reality it does more harm than good. There are many areas where social media can have a negative effect on people, but these three topic academics, mental health, social interaction are the ones getting the biggest impact. Social media has negatively affected education in young minds in t academic progress and academic success. When adolescents text they can ruin everything they…show more content…
Which makes them at higher risk of bad grades. Poor grades make it harder to get jobs and support a family. Clearly, increased social media use is makes it difficult for young people to focus and succeed in school. Even though social media can affect kids academic record, it can also ruin their mental health. There are two main ways social media can negatively affect kids: mental health physical and emotional health. “This has led to teens receiving insufficient sleep, which can further lead to developing a myriad of mental health issues such as anxiety and increased irritability” (Brown). If kids develop these kinds of mental health issues they can have difficult time in school and they will not be able to do normal everyday functions that everybody else does. It will also be harder for them to get jobs in the workplace. There are also physical consequences when it comes to social media and mental health. “Social media sites make more than half of their users feel inadequate” (Nzemecha). Kids start to believe that the girls or boys on social media sites are what they need to be like and end up just hating themselves for it. Mental health is a big issue but the biggest problem with social media is that it makes social interactions awkward and make kids avoid
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