The Music of Beethoven

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The shift of music from Classicism to Romanticism could not have simply occurred without the many contributions brought by Ludwig van Beethoven, who was one of the most influential German composer and pianist of all time. And the music within his lifetime acted almost as if it was simultaneously rising, then revolutionized through Beethoven’s hands as he absorbed the classical style directly from many well-known musicians such as Mozart and Haydn and then served his audiences with vast variety kinds of music that no one could ever have imagined. And yet in his music, people found the unique expressive musical ideas that no other former composers had tried to convey, and this may had happened due to the ongoing difficult challenges that he faced in almost his entire life starting from his teenage. However, Beethoven always communicates to music almost as a friend, who he could truly talked to and tell true stories, feeling and hopes with. And as we know, since Beethoven did not become deaf immediately, therefore he had time to revise and reassess about the direction and purpose of his remaining length of career and life. And from the large number of compositions that were written after Beethoven started going deaf, we can certainly believe that he had much more music ideas and concepts that he wanted to show people, and that had ultimately set him in one of the highest positions in the Classical music era as well as one of the most influential composers to the Romantic period musicians.

In the classical period, Europe was experiencing many changes in architecture, literature and arts due to the movement impact of classical antiquity. And we can also see this in Beethoven’s early artworks, where he demonstrated the typical charac...

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...iting compositions that interests the public.

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