The Romantic Period

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Occurring after the Classical Music Period and from 1825 to 1900, the Romantic Music Period was a flourishing time of new music, styles and composers. Some of the important and majorly influential composers were Beethoven’s late style, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Dvorak and many others. Along with the others, these composers utilized the new emotional styles that had emerged with help from musicians such as Beethoven. Instead of creating all their music for patrons and the church, composers of the Romantic Era supported themselves with the money they made from pleasing common people. With new technical styles come new forms of music which became evident in the Romantic Period.
Changing from the Classical Music Period, the Romantic Musical Period’s stylistic techniques were deeply emotional. The composers of the time expressed freely their personal feelings which were profoundly influenced by the ideals of the French Revolution, including freedom, fraternity and independence. Also, new and improved instruments were invented and utilized during this time. With warm melodies and long lyrical passages, Romantic composers were able to lead people do love their music. Additionally the rhythm was changed by changing the tempo and time signatures ( While some composers used elaborate technical performances others utilized intimate forms and delicate textures. Giving their music a sense of unity, the primary goal of the Romantic composers was to convey emotion. Sometimes melting together, the forms of this new music were not as clear as in the Classical Period and musical tension was used for emotional response, such as melodies having long dynamic climaxes ( The style of th...

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...essed, more than anything else, their emotions and thoughts in the masterful music they produced. With this new enthusiastic music, famous composers wished to receive recognition and admiration by numerous other people from which they could make their living. Also by introducing new musical forms and types, the Romantic Era made its way to be one of the most influential and loved music periods in history.

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