The Movie, The Roommate Starring Leighton Meester, As Rebecca

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"Reason only controls individuals after emotion and impulses have lost their impetus." ~Carlton Simon. The idea presented by Simon is evident in the movie, The Roommate starring Leighton Meester, as Rebecca. Throughout the cinema, her fear of abandonment is exemplified by her emotionally driven actions. She faces the challenge of being able to form a connection with someone in particular, her roommate Sara Matthews. The trigger of the challenge resembles the application of Erkison 's and Freud 's theories to Rebecca 's situation. Rebecca comes off as a steady individual. She is friendly and sociable. She is able to be popular but often acts antisocial. In addition, once she "marks her territory" she begins to experience clingy behavior. It is apparent she has a need to be cared for and fears being deserted from significant people in her life. Her behavior was consistent with her disorder. She often spoke about herself with belittling remarks such as stupid, idiot, ugly. Her overall attitude once faced with the challenge was sever pessimism and internal doubt. Within minutes of meeting her roommate, Rebecca had posted photos saying "my best friend and I out and about." Furthermore, she spent every waking moment with her, for example watching Sara while she slept, getting tattoos that matched Sara 's, and wearing her clothes and personal jewelry without Sara 's knowledge. Once Rebecca labeled Sara as hers she began to become very resistant to Sara 's other friends. Her social affiliations became selective once she became dependent on Sara. She has dealt with the challenge by changing herself almost completely to please whom she is dependent on. She attempts to eliminate all other possible social relations of whom she is ... ... middle of paper ... ...ndence and look to find themselves. If Rebecca was five years younger, just entering high school her behavior would have not rose suspicion. In high school, a myriad of children look for bonds and acceptance at that age. Someone with her clingy behavior would have been welcomed in such an environment. When teenagers start the new chapter in their life of becoming older, they fear of being alone and look for dependence. In high school, there would be less resistance this less triggers and no reason for her emotional impulses to arise. She would most likely be the popular girl and if her emotional impulses did arise, she was probably rewarded due to her social status. Her sense of reason is not present because she is constantly fueled by her self indulgent emotions. " Reason only controls individuals after emotions and impulses have lost their impetus."~ Carlton Simon.

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