The Most Significant Personal And Significant Personal, Physical, And Personal Development

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Question #1: In no more than 500 words, discuss the most significant personal or professional risk you’ve taken and its outcome. How did this change you as a person?
My life has been an amazing journey of physical, mental, and spiritual growth. The most significant event of personal development occurred at age 21, when my brother and I ventured to California to independently bike 3500 miles across the country. Even though my bike trip began in the summer of 20xx, my dream of achieving such a feat had started the previous summer in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Not only did my student co-op in Colorado open up a world of business opportunities, it also revealed my passion for adventure. The following summer, my brother and I headed west armed only
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From the map, the Mojave Desert appeared simply as 150 flat miles between Barstow, CA, and Needles, AZ. However, on old route 66 from a bicycle in 115 degree heat, it was a rocky, unforgiving road of massive hills in which only sheer determination and mutual encouragement brought us to the next town by sunrise.
Two weeks later, in the Santa Fe National Forest, I was reminded of the goodness of human nature. That evening, as it rained for the first time in our three-week-old trip, I awoke with severe stomach pains. After I crawled out of the two-man tent and threw up for 20 minutes, my brother agreed to bike back into town for help. I laid for over an hour with a flashlight, as my brother raced 15 miles out of the forest and to the nearest town to call for an ambulance. At the hospital, I was administered six liters of saline solution in the Emergency Room. After understanding our predicament for both lodging and finances, the on-call ER doctor allowed my brother and me to stay at his home for three days as I slowly recovered from severe exhaustion and dehydration. He was just one of
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