The Modernist And Max Weber's Approach To Social Structure

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1.This essay, will discuss managers approach to social structure, from the Modernist, Symbolic interpretive, and the Post Modern perspectives. The three broad perspectives, helps to understand organizational culture and leadership approach of management. In the Modern perspective, managers approach social structures in organizations by, supporting the scientific training of workers for product, workflow, accuracy, efficiency, and overall effectiveness. (Fesler & Kettl, 1991). For example, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Service Coordination and Developmental Disabilities Divisional Leaders, envision transitioning the Developmental Disabilities Department, to mirror the Medicaid Division. Disabilities Divisional Leaders paradigm, is to generate…show more content…
This essay is in no way degrading or offensive opinion. When Max Weber spoke of social conflict and bureaucracy, he was not referring to African-Americans. Knowledge is power. Both power and knowledge is privileged in a hierarchical organization (Bryan, 2016). Typically, White men have higher status and greater opportunity than woman. In turn, White women have greater status and opportunity than Black men and Black women within a capitalist society and within bureaucracy. Some might argue, Feminist scholars did advocate for women’s rights and equality in work places filled with White male dominated leadership. Feminist did bring about good social change. For example, women’s care health centers, domestic violence shelters for women and children, and the continuing fight for equal pay for women (Hatch & Cunliffe, 2006). However, feminist mainly challenged the status quo for White women’s rights, not Black women’s` rights. It is fascinating how some people are able to attain power, knowledge, and leadership, but lack adequate skill. Many White people, climb the job ladder to success based upon

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