The Mission of Defending Saudi Arabia: Code-Named Operation Desert Storm

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On January 24th, tankers met F-117s in Iraqi airspace above the 33rd parallel to “top off” the fighters so that they could hit the bioweapons bunkers. Seeing the radar of the tankers the Iraqis waited. A barrage of anti-aircraft guns as well as surface-to-air missiles, were released twenty seven minutes after refueling, over Bagdad. Luckily, the F-117’s were in northern Iraq and nowhere near the capital. Another sortie had a group of 48 F-16s flying, over a dangerous airspace, to level one of the nuclear research centers of Bagdad. Planners had initially signed F-4G Wild Weasels to fend of SAMs (Surface-to-air Missiles), but that plan went downhill quickly. (Grant, 2011) Commanders were force to make split decisions, due to the fact that tankers were running late. Thus why the 12 of the F-16s ended up flying to the target alone. Two of which were lost to SAMs. Only accounting for 34 percent of hit sorties in Desert Storm, strategic strikes would ultimately demolish 23,455 sorties. (Grant, 2011)
The concluding purpose of the air battle was to destroy as much of, Iraq’s tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery lined up on the Kuwait border, as possible before the ground offensive was to take place. It was imperative for the air raid to take out as much armor as achievable, because the troops were out numbers as a minimum three-to-two. Aircrew were then assigned to their own kill box. These were specific sectors over the Iraqi unite in Kuwait. They were ordered to hit them over and over again. Seeing as Iraqi forces still had air resistance artillery they coated SAMs and F-4G Wild Weasels. In addition to active electronic suppression aircrafts. Along with the United States Air Force entire collection of “signals intelligence...

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...reflection.” (Department of the Air Force, 1991)

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In this essay, the author

  • Describes how tankers met f-117s in iraqi airspace above the 33rd parallel to "top off" the fighters so they could hit the bioweapons bunkers.
  • Explains the purpose of the air battle was to destroy as much of, iraq's tanks, armored personnel carriers, and artillery lined up on the kuwait border, as possible before the ground offensive.
  • Describes how the powerful radar of the prototype jstar spotted the movement of iraq when they launched an attack on the evacuated saudi border of khafij.
  • Explains that the ground war was supposed to begin between feb 10 and feb 20th 1991. determining the impact of battlefield strikes was one of the most complex issues in desert storm.
  • Describes how iraqi soldiers began picking up anything white in means of surrendering. they were starving; air attacks cut off their supplies to water and food. over 8,000 prisoners were in custody before the day was over.
  • Explains that the air strikes slowed to a crawl for 17 hours as pilots operated under close boundaries, instead of making for fast breaks. washington put weight on wrapping up operation desert storm.
  • Explains that the alliance achieved a military triumph of striking proportions. it outdid all prewar intentions for quickness and low fatalities.
  • Describes how the air force renewed its commitment to the c-17 and fostered it through final expansion problems, to ensure the rapid capability of deployment.
  • Describes how the united states sent its finest citizens in the defense of freedom. the violence of desert strom broke suddenly and furiously as the combined power of american and coalition forces defeated iraqi forces, liberating the tiny country of kuwait.
  • Cites grant, r. (2011, january). desert storm. retrieved from air force magazine: online journal of the airforce association. staff.
  • Cites operation desert strom:evaluation of the air campaign from the program evaluation and methodology division.
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