The Minimum Wage Should Not Be Increased

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With the current economic market still reeling from the effects left by the recession that consumed the United States for eighteen months, we should take the time to weigh the benefits against the possible results that raising the minimum wage could cause. Statistics show that an increase in current wage would do more damage to the already unstable market, than the good that so many government officials want everyone to believe. The misinformation that is being delivered to the ever growing population of poor individuals provides them with false hope that the extra money that they will be receiving in their paychecks will pull them out of poverty and save them. The Truth Why Minimum Wage Should Not Be Increased The minimum wage debate has been ongoing since its inception when signed by Franklin Roosevelt on June 25, 1938. This bill has been widely criticized by its opponents generating countless studies as to the effects each forced increase would cause. While this seemingly innocent legislation was intended help the economically challenged. It has subsequently hurt the economy as a whole, causing financial ruin for some, and wave of job losses and piling debt for others. When nearly all minimum wage jobs found in restaurants, retail, nursing homes, and office buildings; the solution shouldn’t be to mandate an increase in wages. The main emphasis should be focused on how to help the poor better themselves through education and training not to gain a better political position. We find this objective cannot be accomplished when the agenda being sought is not to help the poor but to ensure a governmental win. Just as an important election year is fast approaching, an increase in the minimum wage is... ... middle of paper ... ...uld eventually benefit the poor, for example. For individuals who live in areas where the cost of living exceeds what a minimum wage employee working 40 hours a week would make. This added income might be the help needed to escape from government dependence that so many American citizens would welcome. With everyone still feeling the effects from the recession, it’s nice to think that a little more in the pay check will fix the world. But with the negative effects associated with a wage increase we must focus on the important questions. Are the mandated raises really intended to benefit the poor, or is there an alter motive fueling the push to change the salaries. The lack of accurate facts and understanding associated with the pending bill will inevitably leave us all with a thinner wallet and a colossal bout of sticker shock each time we head to McDonalds.