Minimum Wage In America Essay

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What is it like to live on minimum wage in America? It has never been fun, but it is getting harder and harder as the cost of living keeps rising. While the cost of education, housing, groceries, healthcare, and utilities continuing to cost more, the American worker is scrambling to make ends meet on low wage incomes. Marco Rubio, author, politician, and attorney of law reveals, “Today the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 a hour, and has not been raised in seven years. In reality, a person working full time at a hourly wage of $7.25 will make about $14,000 a year”. Given that, the federal government deemed that the poverty line is anyone who makes less that 17,000 a year. Imagine supporting a family on those figures. Since it is apparent that the current minimum wage earner can not make enough money to support themselves, let alone a family, the minimum wage needs to be raised. To be brief, the minimum wage has been around for the past …show more content…

Since the cost of living has gone up drastically, raising the minimum wage is the right thing to do to boost the economy, lift workers morale and productivity, and improve the self sufficiency of potentially millions of American workers. Raising the minimum wage is a vital step in decreasing poverty and giving every family the opportunity to survive and succeed. Even businesses agree raising the minimum wage would give many customers more money to spend in turn increasing sales and higher profits for the companies. Therefore, raising the minimum wage would help and not hurt the economy and it would give many Americans a better livelihood and a more secured life. In today’s society it is very expensive to live in American and even getting by daily is difficult if you are living on minimum wage. Therefore, anyone who thinks the minimum wage should not be raised should try living in

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