The Lost Campers

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It was finally summer time and my friends and I couldn’t be happier. We had just gotten out of school when David, my next door neighbor and best friend started reminiscing on the times when we all used to head out to the lake every weekend. Even though David, Johnyboy, and Chris hadn’t all hung out as friends in a while, we decided to ask our parents if we could plan a camping trip during the summer. After deciding on asking, Johnyboy tells everyone to meet back up in two hours to see if everyone can go or not. While I was walking home, I kept having doubts about the camping trip. What if something happens? When we all used to go camping Johnyboy and David would always end up going to crazy. Even though David was my best friend, he still would go crazy from time to time, especially with Johnyboy being around. He was always the instigator of the trouble. I had trouble with making a decision when it came to the trip. If I went, I would be risking getting in trouble, but if I don’t go, I could risk missing out on a great time. I reached home and began talking to my mom. I told her how David, Johnyboy, and Chris wanted to go camping and to get her consent. She knew that David was a trustworthy guy, and Chris was a consistent religious follower, but my mom did not know the whereabouts of johnyboy. However, once we talked about the situation, she finally agrees to let me go on typical parent conditions like checking in every night and making smart choices. After we finished, I went upstairs and took a shower and got ready before I had to meet back up with the guys again. We met at our normal spot, the Circle K pump-n-go. Once everyone arrived we discussed how we would go about planning for the camping trip. Chris said he couldn’t ... ... middle of paper ... ...tentially hurt like them. As I said this right through my lips we heard a loud roar, or scream. As soon as we turn around we see these big, tall creatures with a rigid, scaly texture and smelly and sloppy appearance coming full speed at us. We tried to escape but it was just an effort that was made a little to late. The creatures then decided to captivate us and make us suffer. They fed us with drinks that knocked us out completely cold and when I woke up, David, Johnyboy, and the alien figures were gone, along with the space car. I tried my best to recall any memory that I could of the camping trip gone wrong, but I couldn’t seem to remember a thing. After getting back home I began to have to seek treatment because my mom thinks I have a condition and Johnyboy and David’s parents are helpless as they mourn for their children’s disappearance, ultimately blaming me.
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