Uncle Tom's Cabin

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The novel Uncle Tom's Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in the United States in 1852. The novel depicted slavery as a moral evil and was the cause of much controversy at the time and long after. Uncle Tom's Cabin outraged the South and received praise in the North. The publication of Uncle Tom's Cabin was a major turning point for the United States which helped bring about the Civil War.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is said to have contributed to the Civil War because it brought the evils of slavery to the attention of Americans more vividly than any other book had done before ("Harriett's Life"). The novel made people who had never really thought about slavery realize how cruel and unjust it was. It also turned many people against slavery so bad that they decided it was a good cause to fight for. For many Northerners who had no personal experience with slavery the novel personalized the evils of slavery for them ("Uncle"). It showed them how slavery actually affected the slaves and how they were treated by their owners. Some Northerners, however, criticized the book, some because they believed it exaggerated slavery's cruelty and others because they thought it downplayed slavery ("Uncle). The novel was so gruesome at times that people could not believe that what had happened in the book could really happen to slaves. The novel outraged the South and they declared the book to be criminal, slanderous and utterly false ("Africans). Obviously the south was for slavery and they did not like the book because they did not want others to know what was happening to their slaves. If people were to find out they knew people would reject to it immediately

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... Tom continued to refuse, so Legree beat Tom until he passed out and Tom ended up dying. George's master treated him horribly too. He treated him so bad that when George invented a machine for cleaning up the hemp, his master got upset about it and took him back to his plantation. Slaves basically had a fifty percent chance of getting a master who treated them nicely and getting a master who treated them horribly.

Uncle Tom's Cabin is said to have been a book that tells the truths of slavery. It does this by telling the actual things that happened to many slaves. By publishing this book, Stowe made those who knew nothing of the evils of slavery realize how cruel it really was, and by doing this she made the South angry. She made the North so angry at the South that the two began to fight over slavery. This is truly one of the reasons why the Civil war began.
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