Personal Narrative Essay: How People Dont Change

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People dont change; we just learn more about who they want to be. I was 11; It was the ending of fall, beginning of winter. My brother was five was at the time and we lived here in small town Cresco. We lived a normal family life. My mom worked at Donaldsons at night and my dad was working at McNeilious. I took care of my brother alot, had to watch, play, and be with him alot. We grew close when we were young. My dad would get home at 5:30 every night and we would have supper. Things were good. Although at night I would hear my parents fight about money, that all my mom cared about. She didnt care for anything else. It came to November 2nd, 2011 my moms birthday. I was making pancakes for her and she was in the shower and getting ready for…show more content…
People change. Brad has always been sorta an achoholic but he began to get worse. His kids had gotten too used to my brother and I and started treating us badly and not welcoming us into their family anymore. Things were shifting fast to me but my mom didnt see it. I would tell her but she still wasnt aware of it. One weekend my little cousin hannah came down for the weekend from Minnisoda and stayed to see me. She was six. It seemed that weekend was when brad was gonna to have a melt-down. We were having a good weekend and all its usually the nights things go bad. We were at the campgorund and brad and my mom were fighting so I was gonna walk to the house with Hannah. Brad wouldnt let us go for some reason and took the car and left. He went to the house and my mom, Hannah and I walked there. He was lighting our stuff on fire and throwing our stuff off the deck. When we got up the drive way he was on the deck with a gun and was threatening us and himself. I immidatly called the cops and my mom called his family to get there. I was crying and so was hannah and my mom. The first person that got there was melanie and she took us to her house. Melanie is brads sister. We stayed there but we didnt see my mom for the rest of the weekend. I took her home and came back and my mom said everything was…show more content…
It sucked, I felt like I had to do everything AND I had to share a room with the oldest girl. We ended up becoming best friends, we fought like sisters, but I loved having her in my life. Everything was perfect as I thought; but i did drift away from my dad alot. Not long being moved in things got weird. Brads kids began to hate us and tried to make my brother and my life hell. They would do stuff they knew that would make their dad mad and give the blame to us. The more and more we got in trouble the worse it would get, first it was screaming in our faces and pushing us around but push turns to shove. He began hitting us when he had a fit about either how we act or what we did. I have never let him hit my little brother, so I would take the hits for him. I had him lock himself in the bathroom or run off in the pasture. It seemed like a never ending nightmare. My mom began to become an acholoic, just like him. She didnt care for me anymore, i could try talking to her but she didnt care, she “loves him”. My little brother is only eight years old at this time. EIGHT. Hes always been a mommas boy but he began to hate her, once my dad yelled at my mom and threatened to take us away from her, she stoped drinking for a while and nothing happened to us. We actually all grew close I started to think of brad as a father figure. We came close; we all did. Soon again, she began to
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